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Therapeutic Services / Counseling / Life Coaching

Therapeutic Services / Counseling / Life Coaching

Services with the best interests of the child:

  • Therapeutic visitation: The Therapeutic Visitation program provides parents or caregivers the opportunity to meet with their children in a safe environment. Our evaluators are certified licensed therapists with no less than 3 years experience working in Circuit Court.
  • Basic Evaluation: Interviews of both parents and the children. The evaluator provides a 4-5 page report to the Judge or Master with recommendations. The cost for a basic evaluation is $500-$700 Dollars.
  • Custody Evaluation: Our providers follow the guidelines provided by…We provide thorough forensic reports about the family members, their environments and their ability to provide adequate parenting to their children.

Fees vary according to each individual case. Please contact us for more information.

Custody evaluation & Psychological evaluations – Doctors are trained and certified in forensic evaluation.

Macro Mediation

Coaching & Training

Connie Muller-Thym has trained for in life and business coaching. She was the co-founder of Coaching for Your Success in Palm Beach, Florida.

Connie has presented numerous workshops, and seminars, specializing in personal growth, leadership, customer service and marriage education and training.

Life coach is an opportunity for you to finally reach those goals. A life coach helps you to set small achievable goals and move toward personal fulfillment & happiness in your life.


Our agency provides private psychotherapy and family counseling. We are a brief solution focused practice and work with the employer assistance program for the town of Elkton and Cecil County Government.

Resolution Services, Inc. is not a crisis center. Please see our “Resources” page for contact information on Cecil County emergency and crisis services.